Letters: Politically unpopular thoughts about racism



In its May 20 issue, the letters page of the Delta Optimist devoted three out of five letters to Canada's incendiary national preoccupation with the subject of racism.

Thoughts about racism in a country endlessly apologizing for its so-called “genocidal” colonial past, indulging in the self-flagellating exercise of atoning for its real and perceived historical wrongs, accusing itself of “systemic racism”, and the Prime Minister having announced to the world the “distinction” of Canada as the first ‘post-national’ country, claiming: “There is no core identity, no cultural mainstream in Canada!”

Tearing at the very fabric of a country’s traditional values, a case could be made for the politics of social engineering, a.k.a., legislated multiculturalism, having given rise to “racism” (where-none-was-before), promoting and perpetuating “racism,” based on a systemic culture of “society victimizing itself,” thus calling for the kind of “corrective action,” often resented by both the so-called “victims” and the folks that are accused of doing the “victimizing.”

Meanwhile, “white-guilt” society is racially cleansing itself, with statues and monuments being toppled all over North America and street names being changed and books being burned and “free" speech requiring the seal of racial approval. All life is now seen and judged through the looking glass of “race,” thus consciously racializing every social phase of human relations.

Absurdly, for the government in Ottawa having officially condemned ourselves for being guilty of “systemic racism,” any declaration to the contrary that Canada is not a racist country is running the knee-jerk risk of coming to be viewed itself as racist.

E.W. Bopp