LETTER: Canada is at a crossroads regarding hate and racism: Langley man writes


Dear Editor,

Canadians stand together against hate and racism. Over the years we have stood back and watched hate and racism take lives in our communities across Canada, and never participated against these acts with words or comments against these organizations or individuals.

Our time is now for every individual to speak out against these acts of hate and radical terrorism that takes place on the streets and online. Write Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and your member of parliament, write the premier of your province and the mayors, and councillors of your cities.

Hate and racism are not just an act of verbal abuse. It also exists to torment individuals with physical violence. Loss of life is reality in hate, loss of security is reality in hate, and loss of the realm of our country Canada to identify ourselves as a free and safe place to live is the reality of hate.

Hate is a weapon it has always been a weapon to destroy lives and to destroy communities, and to destroy the ability to hold all families in safety and love.

Online attacks against ethnic individuals and communities have been going on for years. Canada needs strong laws, strong laws against this to bring safety and dignity back into our lives.

Radicals attack politicians with postings against these politicians who want our internet safe, our country safe and our children safe.

Don’t be fooled.

Hate across borders is not a myth. It is reality. Our Canadian online airwaves have been under attack for some time, and these extreme efforts are to undermine the stability of this country.

Hate is a weapon. As extreme as this sounds it is a reality around the world.

Behind the greatness of ourselves is our ability in our democratic country is to take this moment to confront hate and racism by first contacting the leaders of our country, our provinces and our communities by letter or online.

As a young personm I saw racism. As a young man I was confronted with racism. As an adult the truth is what I have experienced, and now as ever we have to choose what road we wish to walk down.

We are at a crossroad.

What road we choose, as they say, is the beginning of the rest of our lives. Take this moment and step out.