Informed consent under assault, as all truthful info on vaccines is labeled misinfo, censored from web


(Natural News) Informed consent is essential to every medical decision, especially when it comes to biologics, aka vaccines. When information, data, analysis, and testimony about vaccines are controlled by the vaccine industry, informed consent dies. When knowledge on the immune system is censored from the web, when vaccine risk and injury is not allowed to be discussed online, informed consent dies. In order to make an informed decision, all information on vaccination should be discussed openly – not suppressed. Vaccine science should never be worshiped dogmatically as if it is some holy “settled science” religion.

Yet, one of the most well-cited, informative resources on the web is now being accused of spreading vaccine “misinformation.” Children’s Health Defense is an organization of scientists, doctors, activists and investigative journalists who specialize on many health topics, and publish great research on vaccines and the immune system. CHD are passionate about protecting children and providing informed consent on many issues not limited to just vaccination. In November 2019, the Washington Post led a series of attacks accusing Children’s Health Defense (CHD) of spreading “misinformation” on Facebook.

Vaccine industry uses the term “misinformation” to destroy informed consent and censor out truthful information on vaccines

Facebook, along with the other big technology and social media companies, have aggressively censored any information that contradicts the official narrative that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective and are the only way to have immunity. The Washington Post accused CHD of being a “top buyer of vaccine-related Facebook ads” but failed to identify a single example of misinformation published by CHD.

Since then, Children’s Health Defense has published a detailed response, highlighting how truthful information about vaccines is being routinely censored online and how informed consent is under assault. As a matter of fact, the principle of informed consent is now censored as “anti-vaccine” misinformation. The Washington Post vilified CHD’s research for the mere fact that it did not conform to the public policy goal of increasing vaccination rates.

It does not matter how factual and well grounded the information is; if it does not conform to the official CDC narrative, it is automatically labeled as misinformation and flagged for censorship on most major social media platforms.

When targeting CHD, the vaccine industry lapdogs failed to provide any evidence to support their accusations, as they blindly and lazily branded CHD’s research as “misinformation.” This is a criminal tactic used by the vaccine industry to silence dissent to falsely advertise their products.