John Summers: Shocking video reveals conditions of abuse Ottawa lawyer perpetuated


In Ottawa, Canada, since 12 June 2015 an Ottawa man had prevented his wife from being able to see her own son. Thanks to an Ottawa lawyer, she suffered an excruciating demise.

The above video taken around February 2016 shows how local police can be helpless to elder spousal abuse if the woman in the marriage becomes sick and disabled as a result of profound emotional, psychological and physical abuse.

The son of an abused and disabled elderly black woman attempted to deliver a court order which was designed to ensure that the son would be able to resume daily access to ensuring the well being of his mother. But as you can see, the abusive husband in the video simply blocked both the son and the Ottawa police officers in the video from verifying the well being of Dezrin Carby-Samuels. In effect, elderly women even in a supposedly modern and progressive society like Canada can essentially become a prisoner in her own home in the face of an abusive husband.

An adult child can also become as hopeless as police in preventing by an able-bodied parent against a disabled parent whose condition becomes worse and worse under the perpetuation of abuse and neglect.

With that said, thanks to John Summers, these conditions would be enforced against Dezrin Carby-Samuels for more than three years until her reported pre-mature death in the winter of 2020. John Summers took over the case in early Spring 2016 in behalf on an undisclosed paymaster and proceeded to rely on libel / defamation along with deception and manipulation in order to perpetuate a living Hell against Dezrin Carby-Samuels and the efforts of her son to support her well-being.

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