Did Lawyer John Summers, a Police Detective and Judges Conspire in Mandela Effect?


My fellow human beings, let’s talk about this so-called “Mandela Effect”.

The Mandela Effect has not only been linked to all kinds of divergent experiences of pop culture like logos, but nowadays to changes in geography, histories like the JFK assassination and even to apparent changes in family members.

But, what if you were able to notice that one of your family members seemed to be in the process of being “replaced” by a” different person” as it began to happen in some kind of transition to a “new alternative reality”?  In this “new alternative reality” the Statute of Liberty is on “Liberty Island” instead Ellis Island where it ought to be situated for having had an historical role the welcoming new of immigrants to the shores of America.  In this “reality” instead of simply ‘Starbucks’ there is “Starbucks Coffee” among many other well-documented discrepancies.

Have you been wondering what the “Mandela Effect” is all about, and who might be able to provide some critical insights on it?

If so, you might wish to consider asking one particular Ottawa lawyer.  This very bright and clever lawyer is John Summers and he represents Bell Baker LLP.

You see, when Horace Carby-Samuels and his wife Dezrin began to experience what we now appreciate as the “Mandela Effect”, his son worked to countervail its efforts to change through various naturopathic treatments -- And it was working!

This somehow caught the attention of “a Group” who hired John Summers to pose as Horace’s lawyer to fabricate court documents that Raymond “suffered from mental illness” in order to instigate the severing of contact with his parents.

Mr Summers’ paymasters apparently wanted the experiments against the Ottawa couple to continue without Raymond’s “interference” as part of Mandela Effect testing before expediting the Effect to the much wider population that we observe today regarding documented experiences of changes to family members.

Mr. Summers used his apparent connections with operatives to prevent Dezrin from seeing her son since 12 June 2015 in order to enable the “Mandela Effect” to continue.  Dezrin essentially became a “Mandela Effect guinea pig”.

This would have not occurred if Dezrin was able to talk, walk and write.  However, it became apparent that the paymasters for John Summers did not see it in their interest Raymond’s effort to protect the well-being of his parents.

After the paymasters of John Summers orchestrated an eviction against Dezrin’s son, this poor woman lost her ability to talk, walk and writeunder apparent medical experiments associated with Mandela Effect intelligent design.

It is apparent that the Mandela Effect is the product of apparent intelligent design which began to be expedited in January 2013 with the help of the data from this couple associated with the work of the late Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum against Dezrin.

When Dezrin began to experience apparent symptoms of the Mandela Effect, she had been pushed to Dr. Tenenbaum who for years collected data but sought to provide no kind of treatment which would improve Dezrin’s condition. 

Dr. Tenenbaum’s operatives got furious when Dezrin’s condition began to substantively improve as a result of Raymond’s intervention.

Since that time, Mr. Summers with the apparent support of a rich “Third Party” has sought to use lies to continue to prevent Raymond from rescuing his parents from an apparent effort exploit an elderly Ottawa couple.

When Raymond asked Mr. Summers who is paying his Retainer that he actually works for because his father in no way could afford to pay for  years a more than $300/hr lawyer, Mr Summers refused to disclose his paymaster.

Mr Summers and his paymasters without any written endorsement by this Ottawa couple was even able to simply reply on an Affidavit supplied by Gorette Cleroux, his very own secretary, to pursue a new claim against Raymond as being a “Vexatious Litigant” simply because Raymond sought to verify the well-being of his own Mother.  Dezrin had suffered profound abuse thanks to the efforts of Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin Jr who conspired in Raymond’s illegal eviction that was then enforced by the court presented lies of Mr. Summers.

It is apparent that finding out who is actually paying Mr Summers retainer bills as part of an apparent extensive collusion may be key to appreciating the involvement of apparent Archons in prevailing “Mandela Effects”.

It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics who sought to warn humanity about the Archons as the humanized face of a demonic alien artificial intelligence.  The Pagan Gnostics simply referred to this threat as “artificial man” in texts that Christian elites under the influence by these demons would seek to cover-up.

It is therefore no apparent coincidence that when Horace sought to warn everyone during his apparent Mandela Effect experience that his apparent warnings were related to the “Fallen Angels” which the Pagan Gnostics link to “artificial man”.

However, it is notable that the clever activities of Mr. John Summers to manipulate the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa designed to perpetuate a Mandela Effect against an Ottawa couple who needed assistance from their son wouldn’t have been successful if it was not reinforced by the corrupt activities of an apparent clandestine University of Ottawa alumni network which apparently includes Ottawa Judges and the Office of the Chief of Police.

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau shares a past University of Ottawa affiliation to an apparent clique that has brutally victimized Dezrin in order to apparently reinforce Mandela Effect related experiments against her.

Judges who were not graduates of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa at the Superior Court if Ottawa all supported Raymond’s efforts to get the support that Dezrin has sought from her Raymond.  In contrast, Justices McNamara, Corthorn and Roger who are all University of Ottawa Faculty of Law alumni, all sought to play their apparent roles in a “Mandela Effect” against Dezrin.

Horace had begun to experience a rather violent alien presence seeking to “override” his human matrix with an alternative persona starting from January 2013.  At the end January 2013, the apparent alien presence of Horace took out a kitchen knife and held it to Raymond’s stomach after Raymond expressed concern to Horace for having witnessed his Mother being abused by him.  As a result of trying to prevent himself from being stabbed, Raymond was sent to the Emergency Room as a result of his finger nearly being severed-off as a result of this violent act.

The alternative persona of Horace was violent and fixated on making humanity “members of a Bio-Electrical Union” as Horace began to rant about in his writings.

A spiritual medium in Ottawa alleged that Horace was taken over by reptilian entity that sought to experience a human body.  This spiritual medium also alleged that Marcella Carby-Samuels (who conspired with John Summers in perpetuating Raymond eviction against the explicit demands of Dezrin to see her son) was also taken over by the same entities.  Marcella also began to betray extremely violent tendencies in efforts to enforce apparent medical experiments against Dezrin.

Indeed, more and more families have reported loved ones being replaced by characters with a different recalling of family memories.

Horace who had previously described his encounters with aliens through “out of body experiences” began to warn his son and anyone who he thought would listen about an imminent Extraterrestrial threat against Earth and humanity.

As Horace began to be taken over more and more, his true human identity could no longer make the same warnings against Archons.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Ottawa lawyer John Summers may be a key link into appreciating organized elite complicity in the “Mandela Effect”.

There seems to be more and more representations these days coming out about how an alleged “Mandela Effect” is creating rifts among family members.  That is to say, it seems that family members from “the real Earth” are being foisted on identically appearing family members in this “new or simulated Earth”, and who have a different recalling of past associations.  The Mandela Effect traces its name from divergent experiences of when Nelson Mandela had actually died among people and ensuing discrepancies in experiences among people of material reality as suggesting evidence of human experiences of “alternative realities”.

More and more people are noticing that some family members seem to be changing into different people right before their eyes which naturally is causing alarm among those people who are referring to this phenomenon as a “Mandela Effect”.

The role and relationship of Mr. Summers with well-financed paymasters suggests that the Mandela Effect supports an orchestrated elite agenda. 

Horace’s hysterical fears against aliens and the “Fallen Angels” in his spiritual struggles against the Mandela Effect suggest that it is part of an agenda that is alien and that is linked to a lower and cross-dimensional “artificial intelligence” referred to by the ancient Pagan Gnostics as the Archons.

Whether or not damage caused by the Mandela Effect can be reversed to enable the reuniting of family members may very well depend of humanity discovering the role John Summers and his paymasters against the activities of an Ottawa couple.