Los Angeles Kings win and lose the NHL Lottery Draft


The Los Angeles Kings and their fans had an up-and-down Friday evening as the National Hockey League (NHL) held their lottery for the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

The Kings finished with the fourth-worst record at the time the league was suspended due to the COVID-19 virus. The lottery odds gave the Kings a 9.5 percent chance of winning the lottery for the first time since the lottery was instituted in 1995. Due to the cancellation of the season, this year’s lottery had a wrinkle in it.

Teams that were eliminated from the play-in format of the season re-start were eligible to win the number one pick with a 2.5 percent chance. This meant teams set to play would be eligible to pick first in the lottery even if they were and above .500 team.

Such a scenario would definitely create chaos and interest in the lottery process if chaos is what the NHL wanted chaos is what they got. As the draw was made eight play cards were brought out instead of seven meaning one of the play-in teams would indeed be picking among the non-qualifiers.